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Creating disease preventions and cures that are accessible to EVERYONE


Epigeniology is a word that we created to describe our fields of interest in short hand. We combine diverse fields including genetics, epigenetics, epidemiology, information systems and ethics; for the purpose of better understanding the biologic systems and environmental influences in causation of disease with the ultimate goal of disease prevention. In plain English, we want to understand what makes people sick and create preventions for these conditions that are accessible to EVERYONE. Secondarily, we want to create cures for those that missed out on the prevention phase.


The Epigeniology Foundation is a funding organization with focus on research and development efforts consistent with foundation objectives and philosophies. Obviously, our objective is huge. No doubt this will require an enormous amount of resources. The result will be incalcuable positive benefit for mankind.


  • To create and maintain a capitol structure that allows the foundation to fund all relevant research consistent with foundation objectives.
  • Never spend principal, only net investment proceeds - enabling a perpetual funding engine
  • For example, for every $25 donated would result in $1 of research per year, indefinately (forever).